The Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between the European Union and West Africa is absurd and criminal !

Today, May 23, 2016, only Nigeria and the Gambia have not signed the EPA. Is this good news or bad news?

marche contre APE

Bad news, because it means that 13 of the 15 countries of the Economic Community of West African States, the ECOWAS, have already signed ! To this must be added Mauritania, which is also included in the agreement. However, the fact that Nigeria has refused at the present time is good news. The economic weight of Nigeria alone represents 25% of that of all the ECOWAS countries combined.

But the pressure on Nigeria by the European Union is very strong. And even worse is the fact that both the European and the African civil societies seem to have fallen asleep !

Wake up !

We have now been fighting this agreement for 13 years ! This is not the time to abandon the struggle !

For me personally it was the book in 2001 by Jacques Berthelot “Agriculture , the Achilles Heel of Globalisation”, with a foreword by José Bové, 2001 that alerted me to the dangers of the EPA.

Today Jacques Berthelot is still at the forefront. I recommend visiting the web site of the association “ Solidarité ”.

You will find a well documented article under the heading:

The Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between the European Union and West Africa

is absurd and criminal !

Since 2003 we have published several newsletters on the EPA. They are still highly relevant at the present time. In particular: 50) The European Union imposes its laws on the ACP countries (Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific),

senssibilisationThat newsletter is to a very large extent inspired by a report from a European Member of Parliament, Mr Harlem Désir. Already back in 2003 I stated: “To me it is scandalous that the European Union refuses to put agriculture on the agenda in the EPA negotiations, scandalous because was is at stake is the life of several million small farmers in the ACP countries. Scandalous, yes, but not surprising.. To include agriculture in the agenda of the negotiations would have implied taking into account the situation of small peasant farmers in the ACP countries. It would then no longer be possible to pretend that the future of the ACP countries will benefit from the introduction of free (world) trade in agriculture.

There is more on the topic at the following site:

1. On the EPAs : Finally some good news !

This refers to the LEFORT report, stating:

“Very rapidly we will know whether Europe will commit an historic error or save its partnership with the ACP countries” .

You may also read :Les conclusions adoptées à l’unanimité par la délégation (in French)

2. On Ms Taubira (former French government minister) “People are starving to death!”

stop APE

An excellent report which has not yet had all the attention it deserves. Perhaps it is not too late to make full use of its contents.

This is why I wish do dedicate this particular newsletter to Ms Taubira ! And to encourage her to make full use of her newfound freedom as well to join us in the struggle.

“Ms Taubira you told us: “ I advocate a multipolar world. It is a political choice … in which politicians must take a stand and clearly state if we want this world of chaos, where the strongest crush the smallest. I do not want it.” ''

Ms Taubira ! Just like you, we do not want a world where the strongest crush the smallest. Come and join all those who are convinced, like yourself, that the Economic Partnership Agreement between the EU and West Africa is absurd and criminal. It is never certain that worse is to come. Let us stand up together. Connect our networks.”

Paris, May 23 2016
Maurice Oudet

Director SEDELAN

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