A tool that will help market gardeners : a drip irrigation kit at an affordable price

Some time ago I had an interesting two-day discussion on various subjects with about fifty farmers in the Sanguié (a province near Koudougou). Some of them were market gardeners and mentioned that they were in difficulty because of the shortage of water.

A Bonyolo, les jeunes arrosent le jardin de la famille !A Ouagadougou, au stade municipal, la boutique du jardin du père SaturninoIf there is one area in the rural world which has made great strides since independence it is indeed market gardening, especially so in Sanguié (but also on the outskirts of cities such as Ouagadougou, Bobo-Dioulasso and Ouahigouya , often without any support).

There is however still much that could be undertaken to make further progress. I am thinking of the judicious utilisation of pesticides, fertiliser (preferably organic) and water.

Entrée du magasinLe tuyau maître de 25 mm de diamètreIt is in this area that implements for drip irrigation could be useful. Now, since a couple of months, such material is available in Ouagadougou, in a shop near the city Stadium (Stade Municipal), namely the garden tool kit of Father Saturnino. For 75 000 CFA francs, you can now get hold of a kit which will allow you to irrigate an area of 100 m².

The shop entrance The main 25 mm diameter tube It is a simple tool, but of good quality. It consists of an initial tube (of polyethylene) of a 25 mm diameter. It has a main valve, a filter and branches out into several feeding tubes fitted with secondary valves. To these other finely perforated tubes of 16 mm diameter are attached.

You must now find a water tank - a drum or a dustbin - of a 200 to 500 litre capacity (see picture, right) and you are ready for a qualitative leap forward :an efficient irrigation system which also helps save water.

Les tuyaux avec goutteursCette All users of the kit whom I have interviewed tell me they are very satisfied.

Therefore, Burkinabè market gardeners, do no longer hesitate. Make some savings from your present gardening income and get your kits! You will no longer suffer from a shortage of water.

Koudougou February 3rd 2011
Maurice Oudet
Director, SEDELAN

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