Before expressing my best wishes for 2011, I would like to quickly look back on the past year. It was quite an eventful one, in particular for men and women farmers in Burkina Faso, who have been able to strengthen their organisations year after year.

In November 2010 we saw the National Union of Rice Processing Women come into being.

In Decemberthe National Union of Mango Producers was born.

Nous avons vu The National Union of Mini-Dairies came out strongly in its criticism of the Governments new milk policy, which did not take small scale dairies into account.

Les autorités s'apprêtent à visiter le centreLes femmes manifestent leur désir de s'inscrire au stage d'alphabétisation en fulfuldeWe were called upon by two regional unions of livestock herders, asking for the organisation of literacy courses in Fulfulde for their male and female members and proceeded to meet their requests.

During the food crisis of 2008 the mantra that was repeated all around was:” More investment in agriculture!” Some countries and multinationals heeded the call and took hold of immense farmland areas in Africa.

Few were those who did anything to help the small family farmers. But in Burkina Faso OXFAM Intermon and OXFAM Solidarité did give their support, the former to the women processing rice in the Sourou valley and the latter to the Bulkiemdé dairy in Koudougou.



Nouvelles étuveuses brûlant la balle du rizLe Maire de Koudougou à l'inauguration de la nouvelle laiterieOn the 14th of December I thus had an opportunity to attend the inauguration of a parboiling centre for the Regional Union of Women in Rice Production.

And then on December 23rd the new Bulkiemdé dairy opened in Koudougou. The Mayor in person was present and took the floor to convey words of encouragement to the women in charge and express his pride and pleasure at the event. Much appreciated Gappal drinks were offered (made from milk curd, millet, ginger and sugar).

To all a Happy New Year 2011, with significant progress towards Food Sovereignty and International Solidarity. We express the sincere wish that the World Social Forum in Dakar in February 6 -11th will be an important step in that direction.

Cet apatam est prêt pour accueillir les clients qui viennent nombreux consommer sur placePensons à l'avenir de nos enfants !Already at this stage I can confirm that many of you have answered the call for help to the widows in Hamdalaye, who lost their cows.

Thanks to you we will soon be able to provide each of the six widows mentioned in the previous newsletter. Yes, together we can see to it that fraternity and solidarity do not remain vain words. Together we are able to prepare a better world for our children. Thank you.



Koudougou, December 27th 2010
Maurice Oudet
Director, SEDELAN

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